Kruut un Smook - The spice manufacturer from Hamburg

The small spice manufacturer Kruut un Smook from Hamburg
has existed since 2017. Back then, a group was united by their love of cooking and grilling
from Hamburg boys. We tried a lot together, cooked and grilled. Through
Traveling to all parts of the world, Kruut un Smook was created. hamburger
Spice mixtures with that certain something from all over the world. This is how the...
Product portfolio not only curry mixtures from Thailand or South American
Pepper offered, including southern Africa, the Orient and of course that
American BBQ can be found here.

The founder Benedict came from Hamburg as the son of a man from Hamburg
Merchants come into contact with good food, exquisite ingredients and so on at an early age
all sorts of culinary delicacies, so he has been making Kruut un Smook for more now
successfully for more than five years. He always chooses the ingredients carefully,
It has to be good quality.

Where do our products come from?

Of course we can't use all the individual spices
Let Germany grow, but at least the herbs such as oregano, rosemary,
Parsley or laurel come - depending on availability - from Thuringia or
Bavaria. The ingredients that don't grow in Germany, be it Ceylon cinnamon
from Madagascar or pepper from Cambodia are also purchased according to our quality standards.

Our blends are exceptional. Not only
exceptionally good, but also often exceptionally mixed. Vanilla in
Curry, coffee in the BBQ rub or lemongrass in the fish seasoning.

We want everyone to have the chance to eat good food,
away from ready meals and fast food. Try Kruut un Smook and with that
Variety of flavors on earth!


Founder & Managing Director of Kruut un Smook - Always looking for the best spices!

Our spices from our friends at Hanseatic Coffee

The Roastery by Hanseatic Coffee

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